Artist’s Statement

The photographs I take around the city generally involve things I see as interesting. I want the world to see what I see in terms of the size and expression of the subject. Street photography is more of a escapism for me because in my daily life, I am virtually living a hermit-like lifestyle, especially when I am not in college. When I’m out in the world, I feel I have that freedom to go anywhere I want without restraint. Being on foot and actually exploring the world to me is an awesome adventure, especially when I interact with my subjects on certain occasions. Those interactions are precious to me because I feel like I am being socialized and making new friends compared to when I’m at home with hardly anyone to talk to.

The goal of my work is to try to get the best out of this world and the city is a great place to see the liveliness in human interaction and what we do and how people portray themselves in daily lives. I also really love to follow where the action is because it is what people want to see things that are exciting and amazing and I want to make my viewer feel the same excitement that I feel after taking the photograph.

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