Arts of Respect 2013

My entry for Arts of Respect 2013: Diversity.

My photographs are usually taken in various areas in New York City. With the hundreds of people passing by you at every second, one would see people of all kinds of races and ethnicities. My street photography goes in depth on what kinds of people I tend to see in the city. When I photograph, I don’t see a person based on their skin or race. Instead, I document their personalities, expression, and actions tell the viewer everything on where they are and who they are as people.

Graduating and Other Things

Hey everyone!

I haven’t made a post here in a very long time. However, considering that I will be graduating college in less than two months, I think it’s about time that I start updating regularly.

Graduating is a scary thing, considering that I live in the US in a failing job market where stability is not a guarantee for me for a fresh-out-of-school graduate. It’s even harder as a Art major and a Psychology minor unless I go to grad school (which I can’t afford yet) which is another double-whammy. However, I have considered substitute teaching so I’m going to try to get certified for that so that way I can make at least some money on the side while I try to build up my own business.

It has always been a dream of mine to do photography as a full-time career because I love meeting new people and documenting everything I see. Even when I wasn’t photographing, I was always taking pictures with my eyes, embedding the visuals in my memory. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else!

For my capstone, one of our assignments is to have a website and an artist’s statement so I finally got myself a new domain and a new layout as well!

You will find my new stuff that I have taken this year. I’m also trying to buy the domain for this blog as well so a lot of what I’m doing is a work in progress right now. However, I feel that the transitions from Point A to Point B are really smooth. Also, marketing is a big deal for me right now so I’ve just been distributing business cards to people in festivals I attend to when I’m in the city. Aside from that, that’s all I’m able to do right now until I get some money going.

Otherwise, I hope you’re all having a great day and stay tuned for more good things to come!