Hey Everyone~

What’s up? My name is Eva Alvarez and I’m a street photographer. I am a Art major with a double minor in Psychology and Photography at Drew University. The reason I made this blog is to show the world my work, my adventures, who I admire, and hopefully help out aspiring photographers with the knowledge I know.

I have only been doing photography for three years, so I’m still learning and I’m open for criticism and such. I’m also still trying to expand my horizons in learning from photographers who are far more established as well as your input to make me grow as a photographer myself.

Anyway, here’s a picture of me.

3 thoughts on “Hey Everyone~

  1. I LOVE your photography!!! You really have a gift and I’m eager to pester you to up my game!!! I like your overall layout and content of your blog. TOP NOTCH STUFF!!!

    • Thank you! I had a lot of fun in Trenton! I’m definitely going back next year!

      Now that I graduated college, I have the ability to travel more so I can update regularly now!

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